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Office and warehouse complex

AO "L. Argo" is located in a modern office, situated in Vidnoye, Moscow region.

Office building

Order processing department

Sales department

Since September 2017 the warehouse terminal has been located in the new modern industrial park "South Gates", at the intersection of two key federal highways: M4 "Don" and A107 Moscow Small Ring (MMK). The decision to move to a modern industrial park was made due to significant business growth, as well as the need to improve the efficiency of warehouse operations. When choosing a new platform, our Company paid special attention to the location and access roads, the quality of the warehouse and its engineering component, as well as the opportunities for further development within the park. Modern warehouse terminal is equipped with high-efficiency equipment. We employ qualified personnel, introduce advanced logistics technologies which enable to handle 1500 SKU using FIFO system.

  • Warehouse area 7900 м² 
  • Required storage conditions are strictly controlled
  • Working hours of terminal from 7:00 to 22:00, Monday - Saturday
  • Goods shipment and acceptance from 9:00 to 18:00, Monday - Friday

Repackaging and stickering is additionally performed at the warehouse

We provide customer service to commercial enterprises of various formats within a range of 200 km from Moscow. Cars of different capacity from 800 kg to 20 tons are used to deliver the goods. Delivery to customers in Moscow and Central regions within the above range shall be made within 24 hours after receiving the order or on an agreed schedule.

There is the following scheme of work for regional clients:

  • Pickup from the warehouse of our company
  • Delivery of ordered goods to the warehouse of a transport company, serving client in the Moscow region

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