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Clients of the company

ZAO “L.Argo” company founded in 1992 now is one of the largest distributors of baby food and baby products on the Russian Federation market.

For many years stable and good partnership links us with more than 25 producers and suppliers of baby food and baby products. Because of this our assortment basket is unique and demanded by the market in all sales channels and, of course, by the consumers. We can proudly say that we know all about the market with which we grew and developed.

Our client base has some 800 customers in different regions of Russia.

Our clients

  • Russian and international food retail chain networks
  • children's specialized federal and regional retail chain networks
  • independent children's specialized retail outlets
  • independent food retail outlets
  • internet stores
  • pharmacy networks and independent pharmacies
  • regional distribution companies
  • regional wholesale companies 

Our cooperation with our customers is based on flexible pricing policy, mutual trust, proven history of business relations. 

What is our today competitive advantage for food and children's specialized retail networks?

  • unique assortment of baby food and baby goods most popular on the market 
  • high intensity of trade marketing activity
  • modern accounting system, which allows to issue any required documents 
  • any method of receiving and processing orders: from the automatic receipt from the ECODE system, to qualified order collection "from the shelf" using PDA 
  • timely delivery in accordance with the approved schedule 

What is our today competitive advantage for independent children's specialized retail outlets?

  • the most popular on the market unique assortment of baby food and baby goods 
  • skilled management team, equipped with PDAs. Formation of orders is carried out "at the shelf” taking into account the client's sales statistics, seasonality, changes in product range. Order is processed on-line in a corporate program. 
  • exclusive teams of sales representatives of our partners (producers and suppliers) operate on the basis of our company in the Moscow region. Their task is to form order according to the approved range, to maintain optimal inventory, merchandising, to organize product promotion events, to inform on new arrivals and changes in assortment, to place POS materials. 
  • direct goods delivery to retial outlets in the Moscow region occurs within 24 hours after the order is received 
  • possibility to place urgent orders on-line at our website 

    What is our today competitive advantage for regional clients?

    • the constant availability of assortment 
    • on-line orders placement at our website at any time of day. Orders are processed taking into account actual prices, product in stock availability, displaying information on the amount, volume and weight of the placed order 

    What more competitive advantages for all clients do we have today?

    There are two interesting exclusive brands in our assortment basket: Baby Sitter milk free baby cereals and Fleur Alpine ORGANIC baby food product line. These products are of high quality and unique consumer features. And in many respects they are new to the Russian consumer.

    For more information, please see section "Exclusive projects” and products catalog.


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